Which CV joint?


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Which CV joint?

93 dodge dynasty, 3.3 V6.

We hear a popping or clunk when excelerating. I put the car on ramps but cant wiggle/twist either axle. Is there another way to determine a bad joint?
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That sounds more of Motor mounts than CV's.

CV's will make a "Rattling" , "Marble in a tin can" noise on hard turns, but very rarely will the "twist and wiggle" reveal a bad joint.

Open the hood, start the car and have an assistant Hold the brake. Put the trans in drive and have your assistant "Snap" the throttle, while holding the brake. The motor should "Sweep " up slightly in the front. any "Jumping" or banging is cause for further investigation of motor mounts.
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Just curious, but how many miles on the beast and are they original axles? If you're planning on keeping it around, may be time for a preventive replacement of shafts even if they are not the current problem.
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Another thing to check is to start the car, put your foot on the brake, and put the car in drive. If the motormounts are bad enough, you will be feel it jump into gear instead of shifting smoothly.

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