starter adjustment?


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Smile starter adjustment?

'96 Z28, AUTOMATIC, LT1, Just put in new trans mount, must have affected starter, now starter acting up, new starter installed 7 months ago. Bought pack of shims & tried variations of shims on starter, cant get it to start w/out screechin or grinding?
Tried lots of combonations of shims, don't want to spend money at mechanic for this type of problem, I'd rather give it to the oil companies, they seem to need it more!, [B]What am I missing, any tricks or checks I should try? [B] Have been on this for 3 days now, whew?

Thanks for any tips or help,,,,
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Sounds like misalignment rather than spacing. Everything is straight and true as regards the block, tranny, flywheel, and starter?
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Starter was working fine before trans. mount replaced? I figured transmission is a large heavy part, joined to another large heavy part-engine. I had no idea that alignment could be a problem! Should I loosen trans mount bolts and measure to either side of underbody, and try fine tuning transmission tail with block of wood and big hammer as side to side tuning? Maybe you mean a vertical alingment?
I'm just thinking these two heavy parts are bolted/married, together as one. Whats best way to check for alignment of engine and transmission?
Is it possible that the trans mount should be purchased from dealer, not a parts house.

Thanks for any advice,,,,
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If you support the engine to transmission mating point so the weight of the two doesn't affect the torque values of the mating bolts of engine to transmission, then torque those bolts to specs, you have aligned everything in terms of engine to transmission. This is assuming clean mating surfaces.
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Double, triple and check again.......

Bellhousing bolts. If you change the angle of the trans (By way of replacing a mount) and the bell bolts arent tight, or have loosened up...alignment will definitely be an issue....
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the starter bolts to the engine, the flywheel bolts to the crankshaft, the torque converter bolts to the flywheel, if the trans is not secur to the engine it could maybe flex the flywheel enough to affect the starter. but if it is doing that it will ruin your front seal quickly on the trans.

just remembered, did you make sure that your starter bolts pass through the starter properly before starting to bolt it up? some of the older gm's used knurled bolts and they only fit one way and will not enterchange even if they look like it. pull the starter and stick the bolts into the holes and make sure that the bolts stick out at least 1/2 in so as to get proper thread engagement.

had a police car once that when a replacement starter was installed and the bolts were snugged up no one checked to see if they would pass through properly and after a couple of days the starter came loose because the bolts were for a slightly different gm starter and had bound up in the starter housing before the heads bottomed on the starter. on a gm if the bendix is engaged into the flywheel you should be able to get a small paper clip that has been straightened to just fit between the teeth of the starter and the flywheel, there is a set airgap but I don't remember what it is but most small paperclips will give you the proper clearance.

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