Honda Timing Belt or Chain

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Honda Timing Belt or Chain

I have a 1999 Honda CRV with 100,000 miles. I am not sure if I have a Timing Chain or Timing Belt and was wondering if it might break with the high mileage I have on the vehicle. Is there any warning I should look or listen to?
I have had this CRV since it was new and did all the oil changes every 3 to 4 months for the past 9 years. Please advise.
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Recommended is 100,000 or 60,000 in adverse conditions. Timing belt replacement is best considered preventive maintenance = replace on/before schedule. Don't try to milk it for the last few miles.

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2nd gen cr-v has timing chain, actually, 2 chains, guaranteed for life. serpentine belt has to be replaced at 100K miles though. that's 2nd gen.
for the 1st gen that you have, i'd simply call dealership and find out or, look it up in any library, Chilton manual. somehow i doubt you have timing belt, but who knows. also, your rockers are long time due for adjustment. so, you can do your rockers adjustment, and to do so, you'll have to have valve cover removed, and that will show you if it's timing belt or chain, he-he. of course, new valve cover gasket, but those are not expensive even from dealership, was like $16, i think, for 2nd gen.
great resource for any V questions is honda cr-v forum.
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When you go to the dealership, you'll probably get an entire package done at the same time - timing belt, water pump, & a couple of other things. Water pump gets replaced at this time because you'll have to remove everything else to get to the timing belt, so it makes sense to do it at the same time.

Get it all done. With this type of engine, when the timing belt goes, all your valves & pistons rapidly become artistically twisted pieces of metal. The rest of your engine becomes a boat anchor. Son's 1994 Accord with same engine went over 164,000 before trading it in around Christmas 2007. Had above procedure done when we got it @ 104,000. No problems with engine or drive train.

You might also want them to check if your engine has the counter-balance shaft seal fixed. On our original 1994 Accord, the seal went out & I lost all oil in about 10 seconds. No harm done to engine as I shut it down ASAP. Fix consists of a tiny plate bolted into the engine block keeping the seal in place.
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According to Gates Rubber:

'97-'01 CR-V with 2.0L 4 cylinder is timing belt and it IS a valve-bender. According to their chart 105,000 mi replacement interval. Having said that, if I owned a vehicle that would destroy valves when the timing belt broke I would err on side of caution by 10% or so, i.e. anything over about 90,000 would make me nervous.

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