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I own a 90 Dodge Monaco and it keeps over heating no matter what i do. Ive checked everything possible. I drive it and its fine until i drive it after its stopped and it over heats within minutes. Can anybody help me.
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Good Afternoon, vanetta:

You're term, "checked everything" is a little vague and am going to assume you checked the fluid levels in the cooling system.
Also, a lot of recalls on this machine. If you are not aware of them, check this website for information: http://www.alldata.com/consumer/TSB/901637_en.html

You didn't say which engine you have (the six or the four) but the situation is the same.

First question: Are you checking the fluid levels in the cooling system by the overflow tank or do you physically take off the radiator cap and check the level in the radiator, itself? This is one of the checks that I would recommend you do. The overflow tank level is no indication because the radiator could be empty and the tank will remain full. And, PLEASE, check the fluid level when the engine is cooled down.

Beyond that, my only other thought is a bad thermostat on the engine.

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Vanetta: I had a overheating problem with my '91 truck. After replacing thermostat, flushing the coolant, etc. to no avail I finally replaced the radiator. As I examined the old radiator I noticed it was virtually plugged when holding it up to the light. A good squirting with a focused spray washed away most of the crud. If the air can't flow through it, it can't cool. Try cleaning it.
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you must bleed the system thru the thermistat
bleeder ..open bleeder or plug on housing
and fill radiator till fluid comes out
yhen closeup had the same problem on 4\6 cyl
hope it helps
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I own a 91 monaco the same things happened to me. I had a crack the the raditor close to where the upper hose goes on. I replace the raditor with an all metal raditor bleed the system with the valve at the top of the moter have not had any problems since and that was three year ago. the metal raditor is a little bit biger and does not get as hot as the stock dodge raditor in my opinion it was to small.

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