Looking 4 engine for 87 Nissan Sentra


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Looking 4 engine for 87 Nissan Sentra

What am I looking at to replace engine in 87 Nissan Sentra?
That is if I can find one.
Someone told me I would need to put it up on a lift to replace engine?
What would you estimate the hours it would take to do this?
Thanks for any and all replies.
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Just got done doing battle with a 93 Sentra.........That 1.6 I put in (3 times) hadn't been produced for over 11 years .
The one you're gonna be looking for is gonna be even older........IF you go the boneyard route.
I was able to remove mine by lowering it to a 55 gal drum, removing the mounts and raising the car..........
I'd think long and hard about this one.......IF I was set on doing it, it would be ATK or Jasper........expensive, but you only do it once.........but you really gotta love a 20+ year old car to sink that kind of money in her
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Yeah, I hear ya, but I gotta tell ya that this car only has 89 k miles, and is in very good shape! good body, good interior, new tires, brakes, etc
I just dont know if its worth it?
I guess it depends on how much I have to end up putting into it. Will have to think about it.
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Pretty low mileage for a major failure; what's up with the engine?
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A word of caution......1987 was a split year production. Some went out with a carburetor, some went out fuel injected....


86 and earlier will fit the carb models , and 88 and newer fit the injected models. I believe they ran from 88 -92....93 was the beginning of the twin cams, which are completely different.
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Yeah I know 89 K aint nothing for this car.
Unfortunately, I dont know the history of this car.
I suspect someone overheated it and, or ran it without oil.
If I could get it back on the road for around $500, I would probably do it, however, at this point I dont think its gonna happen, as I cant find a motor.

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