Check engine light


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Check engine light

1996 Ford Contour Sport....68,000 miles.

In the last about 3 months, on 2 occasions, the check engine light came on, and stayed on for about 2 to 4 days, then went out on its own. It went out yesterday, after the most recent "on" stint.

A few years ago, there were check enging issues, and I think ultimately they replaced the O2 sensor. Can't remember if they replaced the catalytic converter.

Before I take it in for more expensive work, is there anything in particular that would be a suspect for this intermittent condition?
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Any codes? I mean from Autozone read or anything? Sounds like it could be as simple as a gas cap.
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I hadn't thought about having Autozone pull a code....I did hear that they can do that. I will go check the gas cap right away. Might buy a new one just in case. Thank you very much.
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I would hold off on buying anything until you get it read, although gas cap would be on the list of likely items.

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