88 Plymouth Voyager 2.5 litre, Chrysler engine


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88 Plymouth Voyager 2.5 litre, Chrysler engine

3 times now, my minivan has put me into a panic. The throttle has stuck wide open while I am driving. The pedal just goes slack, and I cannot get the engine to idle down. I have cleaned the spring on the assembly that the cable is connected to, and have replaced the spring that is supposed to pull it back into place with a slightly shorter, stronger one. This has not resolved the issue, I almost lost control tonight on my way to work, and thought that I had caught the brakes on fire at one point.
I have used WD40 on the springs, as well as the moving parts from the assembly to which the cables are connected, all the way to the linkage on top of the transmission. Moving the assembly by hand, I can feel a point where the system sticks, but cannot figure out where the stick is. The engine will stick at a high idle often, but until recently has not stuck wide open to where I cannot stop the vehicle without major difficulty.
If anyone has any advice, I will be happy to try what is suggested. I am on a very limited budget, and have little money so most of the work will have to be done at home, rather than the mechanic; unless completely necessary. I have limited experience with smaller engines, I have mostly done basic work on V-8 engines. I am capable, but with limited knowledge.

Thank you for any assistance.
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I would disconnect the cables from other sources one at a time until the sticking feeling disappeared.
Does it have cruise control? Do those linkages as well.
Just keep taking linkages off right down to nothing attached.
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Does it have cruise control? Do those linkages as well.
If I recall correctly, the cruise servo Cables were junk. Chrysler put them in a poorly designed location, and the heat got to the Jackets, eventually rotting the sheathing and binding the cable.

If it does have cruise , and you rarely use it, the cables are likey frozen in place.

Locate the cruise control Servo.....There will be two nuts that hold the "HAT" onto the housing where the cable originates. under the hat, is a "SLIDE" where the cable rides. make sure the cable is free in the slide. If you rarely use the Cruise, you may remove the cable and leave it IN-OP, at least until you narrow down your problem...

Very rare, but inside the throttle body, wear can form a ridge, preventing the throttle from closing. A piece of "Scotch -Brite, and some patience is the only recourse for that, short of replacing the T-Body.
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Yes, it has cruise control

It does have cruise, but it has never worked. I pulled the springs off, and used WD40 in them, seems to be a little better. It has not stuck "wide open" since then, but the pedal is still resistant, and the engine will idle high.
I tried adjusting the idle screw, but if I back it off even just a little, the assembly does not even touch the end of the screw. Will trace the cables, and check for resistance as suggested, and will get back on here with an update.

Many thanks,


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