reconditioned coolant/antifreeze


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reconditioned coolant/antifreeze

My shop uses "reconditioned coolant/antifreeze."
Has anybody heard if its' good or bad?
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there is quite a few shops that use recycled antifreeze and I havent really ever had a problem with it, or heard of any problems with using it.
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There are several "stripping and Chemical treatment processes that occur before it goes back into use. They dont just dump someone elses old used Antifreeze into your car and call it a day.

On the other hand, I work for Chrysler, and we have been told not to use recycled A/F in low mileage cars with aluminum heads...(Virtually the whole line)....But they neglect to tell us why.....

Either way, Technically, a shop is responsible for the integrity of the parts (Including Fluids) that they use to service your vehicle. If a problem arises due to inferior quality, they are responsible to you....... they have their own channels to go thru and there is someone who is held accountable to the shop as well.

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