97 Monte Carlo A/C leak problem


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97 Monte Carlo A/C leak problem

Guys, I have a 97 Monte Carlo that is losing freon somewhere. Started last year but I made it thru the summer. This year I decided to see if I could get it fixed. I took it to the guys that have worked on my cars for years last week. They charged the system and put in some dye to help locate the leak. 2-3 days later, the air was no longer cold. I couldnt find any dye anywhere. Dropped the car off last night for them to see if they could find it. They couldnt find any dye either. So they recharged it again and added more dye. Drove it today for a couple hour trip and looked when I got home. I still see no dye. Anybody have any idea where this could be going? Its clearly not a fitting that is leaking. I dont see any dye anywhere. So I dropped it off for them to look at again tomorrow. At this rate, Im just going to say the heck with it if they cant find it tomorrow. I could have bought a lot of cans of freon to just keep adding when I wanted for what I have spent so far.
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Hey, they did the work and you paid them, so let them figure out the problem. A/C problems are tough to fix sometimes, whether they are auto or home.

Personally, I just got my home A/C totally replaced last year, rather than attempting a fix. With cars, unless I was going to keep the car for a long time yet, I wouldn't bother ever getting it fixed once it goes - it's very expensive to try to bring an old car A/C back to life. I have a 98 Olds that needs a compressor (and who knows what else!) but it's going to be only natural A/C on this one until it's scrapped. I know we get spoiled by A/C especially on a hot summer day, but it's not worth the cost in my view unless you live in a climate that's hot year around and you intend to keep the car for another 8 or so years.

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They charged the system and put in some dye to help locate the leak.
Most DYE'S are Flourolite, or blacklight visible. You personally will have a tuff time finding it with the naked eye....

Dont dissmiss fittings just yet. They can be buried, or otherwise inaccessible and not readily visible. There are some concealed locations that require dissassembly to look for dye traces. Evaporator housing comes to mind.....pull the blower resistor out and look into the box.....

Agreed, your paying them, so let them do their job and find your leak......It has to be there somewhere, and after a 2-3 day span? This is a LARGE Leak and should be relatively easy to locate , provided someone is willing to do what is necessary to look for it.

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