1998 honda civic a/c problem


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1998 honda civic a/c problem

I changed my compressor, the old compressor made a squeaking noise. The new one made the same noise and the compressor cut on and off. The third one makes the same noise and the side with the pulley jerks while spinning, it stops and starts. Any suggestions. Thanks
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1st time i heard of compressor making chirping noise. most likely it is - if you have pinpointed the noise to that specific location - either pully bearing or clutch bearing, with clutch possibly scratching the metal somewhere. as, listening to what you say, pully "jerks", i am fairly safely assuming your clutch does not fully engage and pully skips. possibly, clutch sits crooked on axle, due to bad bearing, thus scratching on metal. you got the point.
get mechanics stetoscope from harborfreight tools, it's only couple bucks. much easier to pinpoint noises.
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Expanding on WTDR's reply, are you absolutely sure the sound is originating at the compressor and not one of the other accessories or the idler and/or tensioner pulley bearings?
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The clutch doesn't fully engage. I tried to charge it and it won't fill up.

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