1998 Voyager Gauges stop working


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1998 Voyager Gauges stop working

Hello I have a 1998 Plymouth GrandVoyager the ABS light came on and the gauges stop working!
I tried pulling the fuse(red 10) for the IOD out of the fuse box by the battery for a minute but that didn't work!
Yes the check engine light is on as well!
Other than that the van starts and runs fine, all other electronics seem too work ok!! I just cant see how fast I am going and how much fuel I have and mileage and PNDL gears!

Would you guys please help!!!

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There's a voltage regulator to provide for gauge accuracy. It might be bimetallic or electronic. Besides a fuse, I can't imagine what else could cause this.
If you pull the dash, make sure the airbags will not fire (and there is a whole procedure for this, depending on your vehicle).
These guys are deadly; one lethal force (an airbag) cancelling out another (a crash), and if the forces are closely balanced you won't have to spend that much time in the emergency room (for the third degree burns that some of these bags may give you, among other things).
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I know this post is old but try banging on the top of the dash above the gauge cluster. Sometimes when this problem first starts that will start up the gauges again. On the back of the cluster there is a connector that goes to a circuit board. The soldered connection on the circuit board breaks and the gauges lose connection. Its happened to several of our delivery vehicles.

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