92 olds cutlas ciera shuts off when hot


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Unhappy 92 olds cutlas ciera shuts off when hot

My daughters old plugger became hard starting several weeks ago (cranking a long time before it'd take off). Last week the engine began shutting off after a number of miles of driving. Leave it sit and rest for 20 minutes or so and it fires right up, good for another 5 or 10 miles. Had the fuel pump replaced but that hasn't helped. No check engine light or codes come up either.

Replacing the crank position sensor has been suggested. Does that sound reasonable? After all it runs good..... 'til it stops.
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Before I even read the last paragraph I thought CPS. It came up on car repair show this am and that is what Sam suggested. That is if your car has that. Sometimes with intermittent problems, you have to go by things others have done to fix that problem, as you can't test for an electrical problem while ti is working. So sometimes you have to just chance it on the part that seems to fit the bill.
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Vapor lock (especially in a hot climate)?
Maybe there is a recall or Technical Service Bulletin (ask the Zone Rep) out on this problem?
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check for spark when the car shuts down. I'm willing to bet it doesn't have it. If it doesn't I'd look towards the ignition module, or the coil pack.

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Thanks for the advice

Don't think it's vapor lock, more related to engine drive time. The new fuel pump should be supplying plenty of pressure to the injector manifold. Last time out it ran for 30 miles on the freeway in Atlanta heat before shutting down.... again for 20 or 25 minutes, then good to go again.

Also read elsewhere that you can't check for spark when this happens since a CPS failure apparently shuts down the ignition system.

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