Rat poison in the air filter box?


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Rat poison in the air filter box?

Hello again. I went to change the engine air filter for my wife's '03 BMW X5 and discovered what looks like decon pellets in the air filter box. The thing is a very securely closed system and I find it tough to believe any rodent would be able to get into it. Is it possible it could actually be a rodent or is there supposed to be some sort of green pellets in the bottom of the air box? It looks like decon, but could it be some sort of dehumidifyer or something? I have a shop manual for the car and can find nothing about any pellets in the air box.
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Gotta be a hole somewhere to let in combustion air. Rats and chipmunks can get through a hole the size of a quarter, even if there is a screen over it most automotive style screens do not stand a chance against their teeth. This is not the first time i have heard of/seen evidence of rodents in an intake air box.
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Actually , the hole for Intake air is quite large, and usually routes to the front grille, or inside the fender.

Think for a minute.....If that box were to be perfectly sealed...Where would your engine get its air supply from...and why would you need an air filter in a sealed environment?
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Hmmm, Perhaps I've made an erroneouse assumption. I had assumed the air flow went through the filter and into the area these pellets are in. It must go the other direction which would support the idea that there has to be an opening the little varmints can get in there through. I believe I'll remove the stuff and clean out the box when I put the new filter in. Interesting that they'd put poison in there instead of storing seeds or some other sort of food. Think maybe they're trying to get even?
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You should be able to follow the intake piping or plastic housing to the front of the engine, prolly under or to the side of your radiator to suck air in from the front. THAT's where your varmit got into the filter box. Damn good thing it didn't chew thru the filter and get into the intake...really screw up your motor. I'd see about getting some type of heavy duty wire that's closeknit to put over intake opening if this happens again. Did you get the car used?? If so, looks like that's the deterrent previous owner used to keep critters out of there!! If it's new, call your dealership.

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