95 Honda Accord


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95 Honda Accord

My daughter's 95 Honda Accord has developed a front end noise that sounds the same as a jet engine from insiode the plane or a boat motor from inside the boat when traveling at speed -- that gear/wine. It is not the transmission because you can put it in neutral and the sound is the same and it increases and decreases with speed. You can fell an ever so slight vibration also -- any thoughts?
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Sounds like a worn front hub/bearing.

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Originally Posted by HotinOKC View Post
Sounds like a worn front hub/bearing.

I agree with you, its probably jus a wore out wheel bearing. If there's no clacking noise when turning then your CV axels are fine.
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jack the side in question and assure that everything is setup(safely) so that wheel can be spun by hand. spin wheel as fast as you can. blown bearings will produce crunchy noise, like sand grains grinding. also, grab wheel at the uppermost and lowermost points and push/pull vigorously. if you have play or noise in it during this - it is hub bearing.
otherwise, there are many moving parts in any car that spin irrelevant to transmission and can produce the noise. i'd start with eleminating under the bonnet ones, before blaiming the hubs. alternator bearings are about the most common culprit for engine noises, followed by pullies, slipping belts, and coolant pump.
for 95, SLIGHT shake is almost inavitable due to normal wear. btw, when you hear that noise, try moving to a different area on the road and see what happens. TIRES can produce funny noises either, depending on surface condition.

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