1993 Ford escort with 52,000 miles on it, should I change anything?


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1993 Ford escort with 52,000 miles on it, should I change anything?

Hello all,

Thanks to the tow guy, I was able to clear up the check engine light problem. I do have another question, though. I drove the car back from Baltimore to Pittsburgh, with no problems other than the check engine light. That has been fixed. The engine runs good, accelerates fine, stops good, doesn't seem to have any problem with the suspension other than needing a new strut on the front. When I got it home I changed the oil, flushed out the radiator, put a new air filter in and new plugs. Hopefully, I'll be able to get the old wires out of the old car to put on this one. I've put over 3 thousand miles on it, in the last month with no problems. My question is, with it being 15 years old, should I change any of the other fluids because of the age and not because of the mileage? It does not have any leaks, the air-conditioning runs ice cold and it's a great little car!

Thanks! Have a great fourth of July!


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Check your hoses and belts for soft spots or cracks.

At that age, flushing the tramsnission might be a good idea to consider, especially if you have no idea of the previous driving and/or starage.

Plan on driving it long?

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Fresh brake fluid wouldn't hurt, but I wouldn't pay big bucks to have it done; if you know how to bleed brakes and have an assistant you can get the job done by bleeding all four corners until you get clean, clear fluid coming out. Make sure you keep the reservoir topped off while bleeding so you don't suck air. Save some of the fluid that comes out and compare it to new; you'll be amazed.
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Hi all,

Thanks for your suggestions. I do plan on having it as long as I can. Of course, I planned on keeping the 93 wagon as long as I could too. But, thanks to the SUV driver that rear ended me at a red light doing 40 mph while I was stopped behind a pickup truck and got pushed underneath it, that's not going to happen! I think the escorts are a great little car, they run good, and are good on gas. I put new front struts on it yesterday and it runs like a new car. The interior is so clean, it doesn't look like anybody has ever been sitting in it!

Things for all your help!


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