12 volt relay (4 pin) connection for twin elect. hooters

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12 volt relay (4 pin) connection for twin elect. hooters

Can anyone assist with the corresponding connection points for the following relay pin references: 30; 85; 86; 87 (2off).
I am replacing an old single (piezo) hooter with a twin electric set of hooters which is supplied with a 4 pin relay. The enclosed wiring diagram does not explain the connections to the relay clearly. The numbers may be of German origin (Bosch?).
Thank you.
michan, Johannesburg
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Assuming you know what and How a relay is supposed to do its thing.....

85 and 86 are the Coil feeds, 87 is the power feed in, and 30 is power out....

If not....

A relay is a small electromagnet that uses a small amount of current to operate a device that uses significantly more current to operate.

2 things must be present to operate any DC electrical device....A positive and a negative

85 and 86 would get a positive and a negative, respectively, and create an electromagnet. This electromagnet would then act upon another set of contacts (30+87) to close the internal switch and send power out.....

Hooters???? Im assuming Horns?

We need some more info.....Is the hooter grounded to the body and a Positive supply added to operate it?

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