What do I need to Know to get a good Paint Job Done?


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What do I need to Know to get a good Paint Job Done?

I have an 1997 Honda Accord SE; it is in pretty good shape body wise, and the interior is in really good condition. It only has 83K miles on it and it still gets 23-28 mpg in town. My only issue is the paint - on the roof in the middle near the rear window there is a patch about the size of a softball where the clear coat and paint have failed - there are 2 other smaller patches also on the roof near the edges on the sides, and generally there are some small dings and swirl marks and a bit of oxidation. Since I do intend to keep this car for quite a few more years, I have started to think about having it painted. Since I've never done this I don't have a clue about what I need to know going into the shops to get estimates. Please give me some info - those of you who have the knowledge. Are there specific things I need to request to get the best paint job possible? Should I stay away from National Chains? I live in Southwestern Connecticut so I'd imagine the prices will be higher than elsewhere in the country but can somebody give me a ballpark on what a job like this should cost?
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Prep work is key to a good paint job. For a decent job, expect to pay over $1500 at least.

They would have to sand off the old finish, apply bondo to any dents, sand, prime, paint, clearcoat.

Don't get any of those $199 paint specials you hear about.

A car with a few dings would expect to take around 6 hrs prep time, then paint. Make sure they have a paint booth as well.

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