Hot 2002 Chevy Venture Van


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Hot 2002 Chevy Venture Van

A mechanic replaced my thermostat because the van was running hot. That did not fix the problem, but the mechanic thought is was probably an air lock and could find nothing else wrong. Now it seems to be ok except the temp gauge fluctuates for no apparent reason. Is it possible that my problem is a faulty temp sensor? If so where is the sensor located?
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I would tend to agree with the AIRLOCK theory.....

Fluctuation of the gauge is usually an indication of low coolant level. The sensor can only read the temp of the liquid it is submersed wont read "AIR"......

If you have a Traveling Air pocket, when it passes the sensor, the guage will fluctuate.....This should rectify itself over time, but if not..take it back to the mechanic, and ask him to "Bleed" the system with the release screw on the T-Stat Housing.
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I agree with diesel, gotta get the air out before the gauge will read right.
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It has been two days of driving with no overheating and the gauge holds steady at about 3/8ths. I assume the air has worked itself out and all's well. TY.

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