02 Ranger ABS Activates At Low Speeds

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02 Ranger ABS Activates At Low Speeds

2002 Ford Ranger 2wd 3.0L

Hi All,

I just did a standard front brake job on my Ranger -- new pads and rotors, repacked bearings -- and now the ABS system activates at very low speeds (say, less than 5mph). This made me think that there might be crud on the front ABS wheel speed sensors, so I took everything back apart, and cleaned them off. There was a fair amount of debris on the right side sensor. However, I am still having the same issue. The speed sensors seem to be a fairly expensive part, so I don't want to just try replacing them if I'm not 99% sure they are the problem. The fact that this started immediately after doing the brakes makes me think that I must have messed something up, but I'm not sure what to check next. ABS trouble light is NOT on.

Any advice would be appreciated.

-- cactus
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Just for a Test.........

In the Fuse panel under the hood , will be a fuse for the ABS system. Remove it, and take the truck for a ride at low speeds , and ensure the symptoms are eliminated.....The ABS lamp will be lit with the fuse removed, so ignore it for the time being....

If the symptoms are eliminated, yes you can absolutely blame a wheel speed sensor or related wiring. It is not Uncommon to Bump the harness with a Brake Rotor and gash the harness, Or to Damage the sensor By "Hammering A rotor Off Of the HUB"

The reason you dont have an ABS trouble code, is because your ABS system thinks it is doing what it is supposed to do, based on the INFO provided to him.......Corrupt the Info...Corrupt his intended operation..... The Offending sensor is damaged , and sending false info, that one wheel is travelling significantly slower or faster than the others. He is doing his duty to rectify this, regardless of whether or not it is actually true......

OOOOOHhh.......Wait a minute.....NEW ROTORS??????....Do they have the Tooth Ring installed......If the parts guy goofed and gave you Non ABS rotors.....No tone ring will cause your symptoms to the letter......
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You replaced the rotors............Made in China?????.........take them off and examine the tone rings on the hub......One has been pressed on too far giving the sensor a weak signal........Have seen this several times before.....

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