Air Conditioning B2200


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Air Conditioning B2200

i have a question about my truck...

1991 Mazda B2200 pickup, 2.2 carb

i am trying to figure out what kind of refrigerant it uses for the air conditioning system...

i am also trying to figure how to recharge it once i find what kind it uses...they have a lot of recharge kits at my local walmart...

any information would help...

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If the truk has not been wrecked there should be a sticker indicating the charge weight and type of refrigerant on the core support, or on the evaparator box.
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1991 would more than likely be R-12, can't buy that stuff anymore. Would have to convert it to R-134a, best left to an A/C shop, as charging it wrong could a. result in the A/C being destroyed, or b. result in you being injured by an exploding A/C line.
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R-12 is ABSOLUTELY available, and plentiful, just more expensive than the current R134a refrigerant. Those refrigerants cannot be mixed. Also, they use different refrigerant oils, important, as your system likely still has the bulk of its original mineral oil in it. So it is easier, cheaper in the long run, and better to keep it R-12, contact a real AC repair shop in your area. I'm in Arizona, and my '88 B2200 still uses R-12 in it, I've had to repalc eevaporator and compressor myself over the years, but it gets a ton of use here. Crazycory is wrong, R-12 can be purchased legally, one just needs to have 609 certification.
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Hence why I said you can't purchase it legally.. I'm 609 Certified...I can purchase it, but if you're not 609 cert. you can't legally purchase it

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