Spare Remote/Alarm through the Dealer is reliable?


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Spare Remote/Alarm through the Dealer is reliable?

First, I really appreciate all the responses and imputs to my previous post, ... 'How to turn off/disconnect Remote?'

When I called the Subaru Dealter for schedule/appointment the other day, the tech. scheduler told me that I need to use ALWAYS 'Remote,' not my key that also came with the Subaru Outback 2000, as one of responsers' advice/suggestion. Otherwise, Alarm goes off upon opening the doors by using my key. Since then, I keep practicing it and there is no problem.

However, there are two sets of Remote that normally keep in my purse for just in case. If possible, I want to have one more Remote, for that I need to order for it, priced $85. It's not cheap, but I feel I need one, because not only I also for my whole family's sake, although my great concern over the 'middle-of-nite Alarm' was eliminated, for that I'm thankful.

Since my Insurance wants me to keep Remote on Subaru, I will do that, but whether a brand new, Spare Remote buying through the Dealer is as good as Remotes came with Subaru?

Thanks always,
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but whether a brand new, Spare Remote buying through the Dealer is as good as Remotes came with Subaru?
If you are buying it from a Subaru dealer, it will be Original equipment, and Identical to what you currently have.....

I know Chryslers and some GM remotes need to be "Programmed" to the vehicle, so be prepared for the added expense of programming.
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Not necessarily true.. Some dealers will sell/instal "aftermarket' alarms/starters from other manufacturers (My New Jeep Grand Cherokee is a good example - with a Python Brand alarm/remote starter installed at the dealership).

My particular vehicle has additional remotes available, with relatively (big word) simple programming instructions available with them...

I might suggest you check out the brand name (google) of the alarm system you have for internet pricing of additional remotes - as well as the ease/problem of programming the new remote. Dealer prices tend to be a bit pricey... without necessity.....

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