98 Blazer Security Light Passlock failure


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98 Blazer Security Light Passlock failure

I have a 98 Chevy Blazer (90k mi) that would not start a few months ago. The security system (Passlock) would shut down fuel immediately after a start. GM Service Bulletin 01-08-56-001 was used to repair the wiring connector for the theft deterent system. A local shop struggled for a while but found this bulletin and repaired and reset system successfully.

Three months later the security lamp turned on while driving but the truck continued to start. A few days later I got a similar failure (flashing security lamp after failed start). I tried waiting to clear the system but I ended up having it towed to a GM dealership. Of course when the vehicle arrived it started and they could not pinpoint the problem. The lamp turned on as I was leaving the dealership therefore I had the scanner read a new code (DTC B2960 regarding the security sensor). The tech's best guess was the passlock sensor was the problem but he could not say for sure (about $400 to replace so we agreed it wasn't worth the $$).

Two days after the dealership and a lighter wallet I had the same security problem (shut down immediately after start). I used a relearn procedure for the BCM that I read about (attempt start, leave ignition on until blinking lamp clears in 10 min, turn off ignition, and repeat 3 times.... 30+ min process). This actually worked.

My questions:
1) Can the security Passlock system be bypassed? I've heard it cannot and GM dealer said this was not possible. However, I read online of some people doing this successfully. Is a Passlock bypass costly to do (if possible), and are you setting yourself up for some other problem. I don't need this worthless security system that has cost me cash, time, jeopardized my job, ticked off my wife, and just **** me off.

2) Does anyone know if the manufacturer (GM) is addressing this problem? The GM dealership can only guess at the source of the problem. Why can't GM work on a solution package to override the piece of crap Passlock system? I don't know where to go for an answer.

My vehicle runs for now, but I know I will likely have another Passlock problem in the future and God only knows where I'll be when this happens. Any insight or recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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I have a 2000 olds alero that has the passlock on it. The passlock system failed and the car would not start. I went through the re-learn procedure and the car started. The security light never cleared, but I haven't had any problems with passlock since. I have heard that if you replace the lock-ignition cylinder the problem will be fixed for a little while. It isn't worth the time or effort for me to fix it. Good luck
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Jdawg, how long has it been since you re-learned your system. It sounds like this was a long-term solution for you. I was planning on transferring my vehicle to a family member in a few months. I'll have to wait and see if this works for me, otherwise I'll have to figure out some other solution before giving it to family.

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