Clanking and Scraping from inside of Engine


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Red face Clanking and Scraping from inside of Engine

94 Buick Le Sabre V6 engine.

It sounds like a fan blade hitting something ,,,or loose pieces of metal in a garbage disposal.

Even with Fans stationary.
Neutral, Park, Reverse and Forward.
The Belt is not touching anything.
Even when running for more than a minute.

When I took off all spark plug wires and turned the engine over, it never sounded good, a little grinding going on, but the clanking and scraping would sound off in the few seconds after I let go of the key as the engine came to a standstill.

It also sounds off after started, as mentioned above.

What could this be ?

Thank You.
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It sounds like the flywheel bolt may have came lose.
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Your harmonic balancer is coming apart.........
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Starter gear spring with solenoid problem -something wrong where starter gear tooth not totally retracting away from flywheel teeth?
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3800 motors are common for the balance shaft knocking. This can range in sound, from a rod Knock noise, to a High pitched Squeal.

You may also notice a bit more "Vibration" than what you are used to.

The harmonic balance rupturing......Another GM quirk.....Look at the crankshaft pulley while the engine is running. If its will see it. Try turning the A/C on and see if the noise dissipates.....

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