2000 Isuzu Trooper flashing check engine light


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2000 Isuzu Trooper flashing check engine light

Recently while driving my Trooper the check engine light came on a day or so later every time you pushed on the gas it would flash, but when you let off the gas it would stop flashing. It seems as if it isn't getting enough gas or air. We had it worked on and told the mechanic to replace the pcv, he said he did, but you never know.. They are the same mechanics who worked on my transmission over 8 times, until I finally got fed up with the problems with it and took it to a different shop and it was finally fixed correctly. But they replaced the same things the first shop said they did but for $800 cheaper than the first place. What causes the check engine light to flash? What makes it feel as if it's not getting enough gas or air?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Sounds like a air or vacuum leak or a oxygen sensor is going bad. long story short, time for the shop.
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a flashing check engine light in a 96 or newer vehicle is caused by a misfire. normally due to a bad secondary ignition part such as a bad plug wire, plug, coil, etc. it flashes to get your attention better because you could actually be doing more damage by continuing to drive it like that. if it's bucking when you get on the gas and thats what you mean by not getting enough gas that it is most definately misfiring. try starting with a tune up and having autozone pull the codes and confirm that they are in deed cylinder misfires. should be something between 300-306
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Concur with uc; a check engine light lit means, "hey, got a little problem you should get checked sometime soon". Flashing CEL means, "Hey! Got a PROBLEM here that you should get fixed and NOW would be a good time".
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Had it Checked

We went and had the code read at Auto Zone, it was the EGR valve. It just needed to be cleaned, it only took a $3 can of carb cleaner that wouldn't harm oxygen sensors. Thank you for all your help.

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