Honda Odyssey(2000) rear air not cold


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Honda Odyssey(2000) rear air not cold

My a/c is working fine, but the rear air is blowing warm air instead of cold....the compressor for the A/C has just been replaced......HELP.
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Why was the compressor replaced.....?????

2 things come to mind.....

1) The Mechanic looked at the spec for a "Single" (Front only) unit, and the system is undercharged....

2) The original compressor locked up from a restricted rear expansion which case, your new compressor will likely suffer the same fate....
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If the first compressor locked up the entire system would have been filled with metal making it necessary to flush out the whole system, and change the orfice tube/expansion valve on the front and back systems. If this was not done your new compressor will be junk shortly. Both ac units use the same compressor so if it was undercharged the front would not cool good either. There is a chance that the rear blend door is stuck on HOT, assuming there is heat as well as ac in the rear.

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