catalytic converter rattle


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catalytic converter rattle

I have a 1997 dodge dakota 6 cyl 3.9 it started to have a rattle which I thought was the transmission but when I got under the truck it sounds like its coming from the catalytic converter. Is this possible and what could be wrong?
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There was an investigation by the EPA that may cover this. I had a '98 (it was a V8) that needed the cat changed after about 40K miles, same exact rattle you are hearing I'll bet. The dealer covered it under warranty. Then 2 yrs(?) later I get a flyer under my window by an EPA contract investigator who offered to replace my cat, for investigational purposes.
they replaced it at a local muffler shop in under an hour, no charge.

If you have less than 80K miles (on a 10 yr old car?? hmmmm) it would be covered under warranty. There may be some sort of extension, I don't know what the EPA found, but I think they fined Chrysler, of course that was when they were owned by M-B.

I'd call the dealer first, maybe do some google work on the EPA website, but I'm guessing after 11 yrs, yer probably on yer own.

Oh, there are a couple of guys who work for Chrysler that are on here. Give it a few days, see if they weigh in.

Also, make sure its not coming from the timing chain area. My '96 V6 had a problem there, sounded like a diesel at idle. After that and the POS the '98 was, I've sworn off Chrysler products forever. Look good, but all built like Monday morning specials, IMHO.
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thanks gunguy45 I'll check with the dealer!!
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I've sworn off Chrysler products forever.

OUCH!!!! That hurt

It isnt only Chrysler, but typically larger diameter Catalysts on Trucks are more prone to this....GM has there own problems with this , as do Toyota and Nissan.

The rattle youre hearing is the "Honeycomb" in the Catalytic converter , has Fractured and Small pieces have broken off . These small pieces are tossed around by the exhaust gas flow, and end up smacking the inside of the casing. On rare occasions, it is possible for these "ROCKS" to be ejected into the exhaust system, clogging a bend in an exhaust pipe, or the muffler itself.

As far as I know.....Chrysler only Offered an 8/80k warranty on emissions, so a 97 may be a bit out of scope.

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