Key stuck in Ignition

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Red face Key stuck in Ignition

I have a 1997 GMC Jimmy 4x4 55,000 miles. The key keeps getting stuck in the ignition. If I move the parking gear out of park and back in again (sometimes take 10 attempts) the key will then come out.
My hubby is a disabled vet and we don't have much money. The car repair places want $85 to hook it up to a machine to diagnose the problem. Does anyone know what it might be and how hard a fix is this. I am somewhat mechanically inclined, so would like to try to fix myself.
I also have a 98 Blazer do I know if the ac compressor is working or if it just needs recharging? Is there a test for it?
Thank you for any help you may be.
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Step, Find another shop!! There is no machine that will diagnose that problem. Sounds to me like you may have an ignition lock cylinder going bad.
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Bad cylinder (as stated) or misadjusted linkage. Maybe even worn steering column parts or need a little lube

Same issue with my 2001 Tribute, adjusted the shift cable, all better.

Find another shop!

As to the Blazer, thats a job for a good shop. Car systems can leak due to bad seals/fittings or any number of things.

If yer in a larger area, try the Cartalk "find a mechanic" link. Maybe that can help. Tell 'em the problem, talk to one of the older folks, they might have a little more in common with a VET than one of the kids at the counter.

Thank your husband for me.
24yr Navy here
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Wink Temporary Solution

Thank you Gunguy45 and Wiretwister. I sprayed some WD40 in the steering helped for a little bit...but still having problems. I wouldn't know how to check the linkage. I also found out that there is a small cap that I can pull off the steering column, insert a ink pen in it and releases the key. So as long as I remember to keep a pen in the car, we should be alright. A special thanks for letting me know not to pay for a diagnostic test. Every shop I called around here wanted to charge me for a diagnostic test....says thats the only way they can narrow down the problem. As for the ac on the Blazer....daughter will just have to do without it until she can afford to have the repairs done. We bought the car used in the winter....the lot we bought it from said they didnt know if ac compressor worked....we didnt want it if it didnt. So the mechanic their lifted the hood used a paper clip and showed the hubby that it would engage.....guess they saw us coming....but I figure The Lord will repay them. Gunguy...thank you for your service also and my husband said no thanks needed.

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