Insurance settlement question


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Insurance settlement question

Here's my story. Three years ago, I bought a 1993 Ford escort wagon with 48,000 miles on it. It came from South Carolina, so there was no rust on it and when you opened up the hood, it looked brand new. The guy at the shop where I get my oil changed, always remarked how clean it was. It was in great shape and everything worked. Last month, I was sitting at a stop light and got rear-ended by an SUV, and then pushed underneath the pickup truck that was in front of me. Needless to say, my wagon was totaled. At the time I had 87,000 miles on it and was hoping to keep it for as long as I could. I averaged 35 miles per gallon and sometimes I could get as good as 39. I paid $2600 for it, and $400 for it to get it shipped up to Pennsylvania for a total of $3000.

With a car like that I was going to keep it as long as I could with the gas prices the way they are.

I got a letter from the insurance company yesterday, offering me $2100 for the car. And I don't think that's fair. I did not ask to get rear-ended and have my car totaled. Where am I going to find a car as nice as what I had for $2100?

And I have read that people are paying top dollar for cars like the one that I had! You almost can't get a new car today with the mileage I was getting on my wagon!

So, does anyone have an opinion on this?

On a sidenote, I did find another 1993 escort, four-door sedan in Baltimore with 49,000 miles on it. The interior is perfect. The body is kind of dinged up a bit, but it's not too bad. I had to clean the airflow sensor, and put new struts on the front last weekend, but it's running really good and the air-conditioning is ice cold!

I had to fly out to Baltimore to get it and drive it back. It cost me $3300, plus airfare and gas to get it back here.

I am not trying to rip anybody off. I just want what's fair! I think that they should pay me $3500 for the new car. What do you all think?

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The insurance companies go off of book value of the vehicle before it was totaled.

A clean retail value of your car is $2200 from so they are not "ripping" you off, they are giving you the book price. When it says "clean retail value", that means the car is without major defects, body and interior in good repair for age of vehicle.

Remember, you had a 93's no offence..
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I understand that part, but I did not ask to be rear ended and end up in the hospital for 3 days and have a car that I took very good care of it before it was totaled!

And NO it was not a "Beamer", Offense taken, I would put that car up to ANY "Beamer" for dependability!

Maybe you didn't read all of it.
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No one asks to get into accidents. If insurance companies paid out for that, everyone would be broke. If you suffered any injury, then you need to speak to a lawyer, otherwise the insurance company will just pay you what the car is worth. The insurance company will pay for your medical as well.

And when I said "its not a beamer", I meant the value's of the vehicle...not the dependability. No need to get agressive here...I'm just telling you how this stuff works.
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No insurance company will ever pay replacement cost on a Vehicle.

Just for reference, I work at a new car dealership, and the New dodge charger that fell off the carrier and got totalled , we lost 7800 dollars. The car only had 1 mile on it.

If you sustained injury severe enough for a 3 day hospital stay.......Call your lawyer ....and the rest will fall into place.

I realize you didnt ask for this.....But think for a moment.....they arent called PURPOSE-lys...they are called Accidents...
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Some insurance companies negotiate over a write-off. I've done it a couple of times. So talk to them nicely and explain your situation and you may be pleasantly surprised, depending on the dude/jill you talk to.

If that fails, just accept your fate bud.
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Nobody ever said life is fair

You can argue/question the value to the insurance company but more than likely it won't do any good

My son had his little sports car [parked in his driveway]wrecked by an unisured driver. Because it is somewhat of a rare car, local price is hard to determine but researching the internet places the value at $5-$8k. He only wants enough to repair it $2500 but the insurance is standing firm at $900 and totalling the vehicle. He's been negotiating with the ins co. for several months but it looks like he will have to settle for the pittance they are offering
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My auto-insurance offers either 'replacement' or 'a check' for situation like yours, .... totalled. Or, you need to use other party's insurance that caused it totalled? Mine is said to be one of best auto-insurances in the region where I live.

I just wonder whether you could ask the Insurance Co. for its replacement, not a check telling them you found a VERY similar car.

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Your real lucky you got that much for it .

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