Leak power steering hose 2001 Cadillac Deville


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Leak power steering hose 2001 Cadillac Deville

2001 Cadillac Deville has power steering fluid leak -- dripping from car underside in several places. Adding fluid corrects steering problems. The leak is bad enough that if the car idles for several minutes, will see several 4" diameter spots on driveway. Car is ok otherwise; no immediate plans to sell it.

The leak appears to be from the p/s hose (high pressure?) that goes from the reservoir down the passenger side of engine. Starts off as a metal tube, then goes into a fabric-appearing hose with crimps on each end, then a metal tube after that. The hose looks "wet" about 1/2 down the fabric section and the lower crimp has p/s fluid accumulating on it. I understand this is a common problem in the Deville.

This probably needs to be fixed. I read where one guy didn't fix his and just kept adding fluid until the hose burst. That would not be a good situation, especially since this is my wife's car.

Does this entire hose/tube assembly have to be replaced? I have seen Gates replacements for 2000-2005 Deville. I also have read that it is a 2-3 hour job and a big pain in the back. I am wondering if I could do this myself or should take it in. I am about 50% DIY mechanic and about 50% car-challenged. I would like to fix it myself, but I also would not want to have to get the car towed in because I blundered something up.

Any suggestions? Thanks !
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If it's a 2-3 hour job then it sounds like a pain in the neck. Whether you can do it yourself is a rather personal question and depends on how easily you get frustrated working on cars.

Once the hose is removed, you could take it to a shop that repairs hydraulic lines. They'll reuse the ends and put on a new hose and crimp the ends with new ferrules. This would probably cost something short of $100, and may cost less than Gates replacements. Check the yellow pages, there's probably a number of these shops in your area.
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To help decide if I could do this myself, I have tried to trace the p/s hose/tube from the reservoir to where it ends under the car. I have had trouble doing that; I'm not sure what I am looking for under the car.

So, if I could ask a few 'beginner' questions.

Where does the p/s hose/tube go under the car? If I am hanging over the top of the RF fender and looking under the hood next to the radiator coolant reservoir, I can see the tube/hose go from the p/s fluid reservoir down the side of the engine to the underside where it seems to curve toward the center of the car. But, then I lose sight of it and cannot get under the car well enough to see what it attaches to. Does some plate or cover on the car underside have to be removed to see or get to it?

Is the p/s tube/hose attached under the car using the same type of fitting used to attach to the p/s reservoir by the top of the engine? Will I likely have to jack the car up (as in elevate, hopefully not as in 'mess up') to get to the underside attachment?

Thanks for considering rather naive questions.
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You're almost certainly going to have to get it in the air either with jack stands or ramps. The hose will terminate at the steering rack. If you can locate the tie rods to either wheel you can follow them inboard to the rack which will be about 3' long running cross-wise. The fittings should be the same on both ends and there may be a cover of some type over it.

There's a diagram of the rack installation here:


You have to look close to see where the lines run.
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This is helpful information and a good URL reference. Thank you.
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you need to get it replaced/fixed asap, ps fluid under pressure spraying on to a hot exhaust is a big fire hazard. if it lights off it will resemble a blow torch. whether or not you do it yourself mostly depends on how much you want to save money.

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