Anti-Lock warning light


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Anti-Lock warning light

I have a 2001 Buick Century and today I took the car out and while driving I notice the Anti-lock warning light was on, the brakes seem to work alright so is everything else. Is this pretty expensive to fix? Appreciate your help. Thanks
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Yellow light only???? No red brake warning?....

If it is only the yellow, Then The ABS system has detected a problem and disabled the "Anti-Lock" function.....Conventional service brakes are still fully functional....No need to worry just yet....

Now to answer your question......MAYBE...

The wheel speed sensors are a common failure point on GM "A" bodies..Century , Ciera, And many of the Malibus. The wheel speed sensor is an Integral part of the Wheel Hub and bearing assembly and must be changed as a unit.....A Repair shop and a Scantool will be necessary to verify this , and also to determine which side of the vehicle is affected...Left or right, front or rear....

By no means will I tell you to Ignore it, but There really isnt an Immediate danger or hazard at the moment....
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Anti-lock warning light

Unclediezel, I appreciate your help very much. Thanks a lot.

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