93 chevy corsica

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Unhappy 93 chevy corsica


I am having a some problems with my 93 chevy corsica. 6 Cylinader, new brakes just put on. Drove it for a little bit, and when we parked we noticed steam/smoke coming from the right side engine. When we got out of the car we saw green antifreeze all over the ground, and dripping from the right side of the car. Popped open the hood and antifreeze was everywhere on the overflow bottle, dripping down it and onto the ground. Stunk really bad too...

New brakes put on like I said, but our ABS light is still on. It also sounds like it's going to croak when it's idling. Also, when shifting sometimes a clunking noise can be heard. We did put in new coil packs, wires and spark plugs a few months ago as it was not firing on all cylanders. Our oil gets blacker than black really fast too. We have to put a ;east half a bottle of Power Sterring fluid in the car it seems every month or so. Can anyone help give me ideas on what can be wrong? Thanks!
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i do kindly apologize for this suggestion, but i honestly believe it is a fair one.
get rid of it for best cash price you can, and buy a used honda off craigslist. in current condition, it'll cost you more to fix it than what the car is, probabaly, worth.
once again, sorry.
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Not a crown jewel, that's for sure.

How many miles on it?

Does the car actually have a temperature gauge? If so, did you see what it said when the antifreeze was pouring out?

Did you happen to notice if when you saw the antifreeze pouring down the overflow, that the overflow was filled up to the very top and running out?

Was the car able to start up with this condition, or did it seem like the engine was sort of in a bind after this? What DID you do with the car, after this?

You going to have anyone you know, who might know a little something about cars, to actually look from above, and/or below, to see where it is coming from? One could presume my 3rd paragraph, but unless you see and rule out a hole in the radiator, a bad water pump, a ruptured hose etc., then you won't maybe know, for free, without some mechanics opinion after he looks at it.

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