79 T/A Turn Signal Not Blinking

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79 T/A Turn Signal Not Blinking

Right side turn signal does not blink, it remains on solid when accuated. Left turn signal works fine. The hazard works fine for both sides. According to the wiring diagram there is only one flasher unit for both left and right side.
Could this be a weak ground or is the flasher unit suspect? Any help is greatly appreiciated. If a ground is suspected where can I find the ground to chassis for the right side?
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2 things......

Does the directional indicator on the dash light up dimly with the headlamps on????

Look around the car , and MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE there isnt a bulb burned out .

The ground for the Lighting is usually on or very near the radiator support for the front....The rear is in the trunk below the striker.
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I'm suspecting a bulb. Usually the flasher takes out both sides when it goes.
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if you don't have a bad bulb then it is a poor ground.

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my 3 cents

I suspect a bad bulb. Turn on your flashers and walk around the car and check all four corners are flashing.
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Check your blinker relay.
Very easy fix and cheap......couple of $bucks.
It's a 2 or 3 prong metal or plastic can about the size of a stack of 10 quaters under the dash.

Heck, you can even swap out the hazzard relay and plug it into the t-signal relay connector for a quick test.

And if you can't locate the relay just turn on the hazzards and listen for the click,click and you did state that only one side of the t-signal worked so you could even listen for the that one to.

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