front brake pad noise on 2000 Infiniti I30


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Question front brake pad noise on 2000 Infiniti I30

I just bought a 2000 Infiniti I30 with 77,000 miles
everything is very nice and well maintained.
My problem is with noise from the front end,
I have put it up on the lift - with tires off and with them on there is no noise, none while breaking hard at high speeds or while turning. it all sound smooth, at least on the lift. I also checked for any play with the bearings but found none.
Yet when I put it on the ground and after getting started down the road a little i start getting a dragging noise that comes and goes. when I get above 40mph it seems to quiet down and when I get off and slow down, it start a little at a time. Like I said it comes and goes.
I thought it might be the tires but they are in great shape and the brake pads look brand new, i just wonder could the brake pads just be too "hard"? I had a Honda that the dealer had to change the original pads, to get rid of a noise somewhat like this, because he said they made them wrong at the plant?
the car runs great and does not pull or shudder at highway speeds and it stops on a dime. except for the noise I can't find anything wrong with it.
any advise or suggestions? IF it is the pads is there anything that can be done to them or do you just put up with them/


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dragging noise? metal rubbing on metal?
brake pads will not produce any noise, unless they are 1. engaged 2. caliper piston is not retracting enough and you have one pad dragging. check brake pads for even ware, and check caliper for easy back and forth slide on the guides. if not, disassemble and lubricate all the guides and brake pads attachment points with caliper grease. or you might have to overhaul the caliper. don't replace it, it's easy job.
1st thin that comes on my mind is splash shield rubbing on something. there are very few parts in or next to brakes/rotors/wheels that can make rubbing noise. if it's not a metal rub, check maybe piece of the tirewell cover goes loose and hits the tire at some speeds.

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