Faster on the right


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Faster on the right

My wife's 03 Hyundia turn signal is flashing faster on the right side. She says the left side is normal. I suspect one of the bulbs is burnt out on that side. She says she checked them and all are flashing. Of course it is raining and she did a quick run around the car to see if they were working. She says she might have missed seeing the front flash. Anyhow.
What do you think? Bulb out? Flasher unit going bad? Bulb going bad?
She does not get off work until this evening but it does not hurt to troubleshoot while I am waiting.
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Start with the bulb. The flasher controls both right and left - if one side is good, the flasher is good. Bulbs don't gradually go out, they either work or not. I'm betting on a burned out bulb.
Just an F.Y.I. most flashers are designed for a specific number of bulbs. When one goes out, it decreases the load on the flasher and the flasher blinks faster on that side.
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Have you had a bulb replaced recently? Could be the wrong bulb. Does the turn signal indicator in the dash stay lit when turn signal is not on? Bad bulb usually causes this, and might account for the speed difference. Depending on the type of bulb a blown bulb could slow the flasher down so I would also look at the left side to make sure they are okay as well.
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All bulbs were working, but the front right was dimmer. Put a new bulb in and everything is normal. Changed both sides while I was there.
Old bulb was pretty flat on the contacts and beginning to darken in the glass. These are the pretty orange bulbs.
Thanks for the help goldstar and wire twister.

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