99 Mitsubishi Eclipse Lean Fuel code


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99 Mitsubishi Eclipse Lean Fuel code

For the last 3 months my eclipse will randomly take about 10-20 minutes to start. Sometimes when it does start it will idle at about 500 RPMs and if I give it gas it will die automatically. In that situation the gas smell is so bad I have to get out of the car.

If I stop any time and wait for about 10 seconds the car will sometimes die, in which case I throw it in to neutral and the idle jumps to about 750 and doesn't die.

I took the car in to a friends shop and he tried to run diagnostics on it since the check engine light finally came on. His diagnostic machine couldn't find anything so they took it to a Mitsu dealer to have them run it. Go figure they get a lean fuel code but the car starts right up for them every time they have tried it and it hasn't died yet.

They are saying since it hasn't died they don't really have a place to start on trying to get it fixed. They are telling me to continue to drive it around until it "gets worse" but I don't want to wait until it won't start at all and have to get it towed all the way back to the shop.

So basically I am asking for suggestions here. The car has about 99k miles on it, is 2.0 liter NON turbo. It only gets about 22 miles to the gallon which is odd because it's not modified in any way.

The car has a brand new air filter. Never had a tune up or timing belt allignment. It's never had a new fuel filter or fuel pump. I've been in a rental for the last few days and can't wait to get my car back. Hopefully you guys can give me a little helpful advice.

Thanks in advance.
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It is most likely a failed O2 sensor. A failed sensor will reduce your mpg and adverse affect on driveability.

What was the code they got? (P####?)

Even if the CEL went out, the code should still be stored..
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They didn't give me the code, they gave my mechanic the code. =( I may have to ask him tomorrow. Should I just have them replace the O2 sensor anyway or do you think that would be a costly repair if it is a wrong diagnosis. (Not saying your diagnosis is wrong, just don't want to spend $300 getting something fixed if it isn't the problem. I don't mind spending $150 though.)
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not sure what year is yours. but we had 94 and have 95 now.
so, here's my suggestion: pull your mass air pressure sensor out and clean it thoroughly with carb cleaner. it's built into air intake hose, looks like a large french fries cutter. if it's dirty or bad, car won't start at all. will do lean code.
oh, and start using quality filter. or, if you have high air flow filter, make sure not to overoil it, as oil drips onto the sensor and causes it to mulfinction. i have 4 K&Ns on cars, i know.
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www.dsmtuners.com is a good place to find info as well.

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