Power seat motor 1994 Thunderbird LX


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Power seat motor 1994 Thunderbird LX

On the driver's side the seat has been stuck in forward/back position since I bought it a few years ago. It will adjust up/down, tilt forward back, but when I move the toggle to move closer or further away I can feel a sort of very faint lunk or jolt in an ever so slight way like it wants to move but is jammed. I'm thinking maybe there's a coin or something of the sort lodged in the track or gear but I'm not sure how it operates mechanically underneath. At some point I'm going to pull it out of the car and inspect underneath. I personally am happy with it's position as it's perfect for me, but when a member of the family is in need of adjusting closer to the pedals/wheel, it's difficult for them to drive without tilting the seat all the way forward and using a small pillow behind the back.

Is it possible something could wedge itself somehow jamming it? Worst case, where besides the dealer could one find a replacement motor or even better order online?
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usually the tracks are elavated and coins or debris can not get in them. most likely a gear problem. by all means pull the seat and inspect for damage, google search and you will probably find a supplyer for new seats/mechanisims.

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