Tire shredding inside


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Tire shredding inside


Today my daughter had a flat tire. we took it to be changed and the guy told her that the tire had been shredding from the inside.

Could this be a bad rim?

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He probably wasn't talking about the bead (which would mate to the rim), but rather the inside of the sidewalls and tread cap. Often when you have the sidewalls doing that, the tire was running on low air.

With this in mind it likely wouldn't have a been a bad rim.
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Tires showing excessive wear on one edge of tread, inside, or outside of tread only, would most likely be an alignment problem. Excessive tread wear in the center of tire only, is a sign of running over-inflated,(too much air.) Excessive wear on inside & outside of tires at same time, indicates under-inflation, or overloaded. (tires are cupping in center, and running on outside edges) Tires that feel like the tread have sharp edges sticking up on one edge or the other of the tread when you run your hand across from side to side, is also probably an alignment problem. Don't forget to rotate tires on recommended intervals as well. Other factors come into play from time to time, like brake problems etc.,but watching for these are a good rule of thumb. I got in the habit of looking at the shades of the tread area of my tires after having driven a fair distance on paved roads obviously, and have pulled over for a coffee or whatever. Dark in center only, maybe I have too much air. Dark on outside edges & lighter in center, not enough air, or too much of a load. Same shade all across, I'm good to go.
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Originally Posted by Shuman View Post

Today my daughter had a flat tire. we took it to be changed and the guy told her that the tire had been shredding from the inside.

Could this be a bad rim?

I am assuming the shredding was found on the inside of the tire and the outside of the tire showed normal wear patterns. Obviously I can't see the tire but what you are describing may be caused from driving on the tire after it lost most or all of the air pressure. I have seen damage caused from this that might be described as you have described it.
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+1 for low tire pressure, see Firestone problems with blowouts on Ford Explorer's. The problem is when the pressure is low the tire bends way more than intended. This results in excess heat and eventual failure of the tire, besides poor fuel economy.
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That's absolutely low air pressure. Generally if the irregular wear is on the edge of the tire it's an alignment issue, but if it's not right tight to the edge you also need to look at suspension. Bad suspension can wreak havoc with your tires as well, and of course if the suspension's messed up you will not maintain an alignment, either.

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