window won't go UP


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window won't go UP

HELP! '96 Ford Contour Sport. Driver side front electric window won't go up. Push button and I hear a repeated sort of clicking, like something is trying, and skipping. Glass doesn't seem to move at all.

Shop not open weekends. Is there anything I can do to get that glass up, to hold me over until I can take it in on Monday?

Both the motor and the switch on that window were replaced, about 2 years ago.

I have taken the panel off that door once before. I can do that. I remember that it didn't seem very easy to get at anything, and that is when I gave up and took it to the shop and had them replace the motor!

I am reasonably handy and mechanical, but not at all experienced on cars.
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It sounds like the window regulator is bad.The regulator has a few gears on it and the window lift motor is bolted to it and moves the gears on the regulator to make the window go up and down.Is the window up any like enough so you can grab it with your fingers.If you can,you can push the button and pull up on the window to help it go up.I have done this before.Hope this helps.
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You can hear the motor spinning and the window doesn't move strongly indicates your regulator took a dump......
I believe those are the cable type so you should be able to pull it up GENTLY and wedge it with some cardboard till you can get the parts
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Thanks all for the tips. I took the door apart, and now I know why I paid someone to do this the last time! Took apart more than I needed to, once I realized how to get to stuff! Long story short, the motor was shot....bearings froze or whatever. The clunk or click I was hearing was the relay mounted in there which directs juice to the motor. Once I got the motor out, the window moved up fairly easily. It seems to stay up, but I am thinking of wedging a stick in there to make sure.

Now, I have to decide whether to button up the door permanently, and get along without that window, or leave it opened up, awaiting arrival of a motor. The motors seem to run anywhere from about $40 to $140 on line. I don't know how much better the expensive one is, but maybe the guy uses a cheapo last time, which is why it is out again in 2 years.
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follow up:

As I look at the motor, it is hard to see that it is bad. Whe it come out, it just brought the body, the armature, and the brush rigging. It seems that whatever is the bearing for the forward end of the shaft is still inside the regulator.

The motor gear seems ok. I was able to raise the window by pushing up on it from underneath once the motor was out. It moved OK, but is stiff enough that it would probably stay up on its own. I put a stick under it to be sure.

SO, now I am wondering if the problem is not the motor, but possilby the regulator itself....looks like a serious pain to replace that. Or that relay, that was making the clunking noise?

Anyway, I have buttoned it all up, and will may decide to just leave it that way. Here in San Diego, we pretty much have two seasons.......A/C full blast, followed next day by heat full blast. I don't need no stinkin' window open!
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Any wire teminals easy to get to to test for voltage in there by the motor or incoming and outgoing on relay? Have you considered hot wiring the motor direct to see what happens, bypassing the relay? If I were to do something like this, with limited knowledge of what I was doing, and possible consequences, I'd make sure to use same gauge wire as supply to motor, and if the motor by chance started closing the window, to be sure to disconnect the wire just before it got to the top, as to not strip something.

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