How to Avoid Deer-Encounter while driving on the road?


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How to Avoid Deer-Encounter while driving on the road?

First, many thanks for all the responses to my previous thread, ... 'How to paint the front bumper-cover made by heavy plastic?'

When one of my relatives attemped to fix it, he saw more damage, not only paint but also driver's side of bumper got loose with horizontal crack. Then, I had no choice but to make schedule-appointment with my Auto-Insurance, yesterday.

I live in one of big cities, USA, but within 45 - one hour drive, there are country-side in which there are number of deer-family living around little streams or small-woods.

Is there any way to avoid 'deer encounter while driving on the road?'

Thanks always,

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the only way is vigilance and don't exceed the posted speeds so you have time to react to deer presence, if you see deer or the reflection of eyes slow immediately and prepare to take evasive action. frequently if one deer crosses the road it will be followed by one to two more. so if you see a deer in front of you crossing slow down as you come to that point in case another is trying to cross also. animals do not realize how fast a car is traveling and so will try to beat the car to the perceived safety of the other side. the insurance institute for highway safety has tested many products designed to scare deer away from the road such as deer whistles mounted to the front of a vehicle and have found none that work consistently.

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The advice I can offer and touch wood has worked well for me is if you are in deer country SLOW DOWN!..................unless of course if it is hunting season and then they will be nowhere to be found.
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I 2nd and 3rd what has been said.

Up where I live in deer country, motorcyclists even are being killed by deer! (one just got killed by a turkey the other day!). If a motorcycle doesn't scare away the deer, by that oncoming sound, I can't imagine what could.

I just hit the deer, and have. Evasive maneuvers can be hazardous, as it really is not you losing control of the car - the car loses control of you, even if you have a firm grip on the wheel. You can only be yanking on that wheel so much, at highway speed.

And yes, slower driving speed, especially at dusk and beyond. Your stopping distance is some inverse square law of speed, or something to that effect. You can slow down much faster at a slower speed.
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Ya, and to add that if every one going the same way as you catches up and passes you are likely driving at about the right speed.

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