Fuse to fan switch of AC???


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Fuse to fan switch of AC???

I have a 1986 Toyota Corolla 4 door, with a manual 5 speed transmission. My air conditioner was running fine and then it just cut off and the fan switch does not blow anything...I am a single mom in the south with health problems and would like to fix it myself if possible. Is there a fuse somewhere that operates it?
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There should be a 10amp fuse. Thse fuse panels are usually located near the drivers side kick panel, (where your left foot would be).

Hopefully it's just a fuse, and not the control panel or blower motor itself.
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Toyota is real good for dividing up their fuse blocks.........You'll probably find one in the engine compartment, one that Hot mentioned in the LEFT kick panel.......and possibly yet another in the RIGHT kick panel.......
The owners manual, if you have one, may tell you where to look for the fuse

HOWEVER...........This is how I'd go about finding the problem........It takes a test light and a little flexability
The FAN motor is located right side of dash behind the glove box. I'd pull the plug on the motor turn the key on and see if I had power at the plug. No power????.........Go backwards towards the fuse block. POWER?????...........Now check the resistor block which should be right by the motor......This is the ususal failure item 90% of the time........
Thing is.........If the resistor smoked, it's because the motor has lost impedence over the course of 22years and should also be replaced

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