trailer lights/signals dim


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trailer lights/signals dim

Chevy s10, 98' v6, x vin. Blinkers are fine on truck but, barely discernable on the trailer lights. Checked the trailer on another truck and much brighter. Someone told me the flasher may be the problem. Is there only one or two flashers and could this be the problem?

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Nevermind, I think I need a heavy duty flasher.
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sounds like a ground problem to me.
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I agree with twister.

I had a similar problem with my jetski trailer. It ended up being a bad ground. Check and make sure your ground wire from the trailer harness is securely grounded to a NONpainted surface.
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Was always a bad ground for me when the lights are dim
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Yes a heavy duty flasher may be the cure, and yes you could possibly have 2 of them. I for 4 way(emergency) flashers, & 1 for signals. Easiest way to test, is turn on your signals & put your finger on top of the flasher, & you should feel it clicking.
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the common symptom of the need for a heavy duty flasher is a fast flash rate. i'd add a good ground wire to rule that out first.
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Checked the trailer on another truck and much brighter.
Look for a loose ground connection at the vehicle side of the trailer "PLUG".

Without a proper ground, the voltage "Bleeds Thru" the filaments to the next bulb, thus dimming all of them. Typically, they wont "BLINK" but rather "Flicker" from dim to bright.

An HD flasher will only provide capacity of more bulbs to the will not correct a "Dim" situation.
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99.9% of the time: GROUND-GROUND-GROUND(or lack of)

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