98 RAV4 Coolant and hose maintenance


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98 RAV4 Coolant and hose maintenance

My 98 RAV4 is ready for hose and coolant maintenance.

I plan to replace the t'stat, radiator, heater, and bypass hoses and put Toyota OEM coolant back in.

I also plan to flush by pulling the t'stat and using a garden hose to flush out the system with water only.

Before I start the work, I had a couple of questions and need some guidance.

1. I have had problems with the traditional worm screw clamps leaking even after re-tightening after the new clamps and hoses "run in". This happens especially with the plastic nipples on the radiator and heator core when they get cold in the winter. Does anyone have any experience with either re-using the OEM spring clamps--mine have been in use for some time--or using the constant tension Breeze or Ideal stainless clamps that have the Bellville spring tension design?

2. Can I simply use domestic water--we're on a large city water supply--or should I use distilled water to mix with the coolant?

3. Any advice on whether to buy OEM hoses at the dealer or is a counter brand like Gates electrolytic resistant hoses preferred? Some of the OEM hoses are molded and room is tight, that's the reason for thinking about using OEM hoses from the dealer.

Thanks to anyone who has some thoughts for me.
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I'd use standard new hose clamps, after market hoses and distilled water. (waterwetter is good stuff too)

Remember, if you flush with water and live in a cold climate your coolant mixture will be weakened a bit. Mix maybe 60/40 to get about 50/50 in the end.
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Thanks for the reply. That's the info I needed.

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