Camry elec. windows


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Camry elec. windows

94 Camry LR window quit, and a 'wiggle/wobble test of the drivers door wire loom made the window jump.
So - knowing that, is there a 'harness' or 'loom' for all the wires in there available on the market? I'd like to get in there and click 'em together quick at each end, like they do on comm. aircraft.
Would such a thing be over the counter at the local Toyota dealer parts counter? Just askin', I'll do it the old-fashioned way
if I hafta,
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Never seen for cars

I have never seen the cannon plug type connector you want used in any stock cars. I guess you could go thru all the work and get some MS cannon plugs and pin all the wires yourself but it would be a lot more easy to just put a splice on the broken wires that go into the door.
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Thank you, Mike
So, it's the old fashioned way. Time consuming and pickie-pickie, but it is what it is.....
Thing is, having been there and done that before, I'm going to change 'em all out in one go.
Also, I'll swap the LR window motor with the LF window motor. LR hardly been used, and the worn LF one will be fine in the LR door.
Thanks again

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