1997 Venture van problem(s)


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Question 1997 Venture van problem(s)

I'm stumped on this and looking for some suggestions.

While driving down the highway, I had to raise my passenger side window and it went up fine (power window), later when I went to lower it, nothing..from master or passenger side switch. I removed the door pannel and started checking the motor, it's fine, voltage to the motor from all switches is correct and polarity reverses fine in going from up to down and back with all switches. Everything checks out as working fine but the only way I can raise and lower the window is to run jumper wires to the motor from the plug and manually reverse polarity there using the switch's down position.
Like I'd said before, if I probe the motor plug and operate the switch, both up and down positions check as being good.

Of course, the AC is out, it's 105 degrees and I can't figure out what's wrong with the AC either. It worked fine last year when the hot season ended, this year...when the window quit..no AC. The compressor don't come on. Checked fuses, the indicator light inside comes on, the blower comes on, no compressor.

I'd take it to the shop but I'm wheelchair bound, very limited income..not a dime I can spare so I have to DIY everything.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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I assume (dangerous word) that by "checking the polarity" you're probing with a test light and ground to the door panel????
Try putting a cotter pin in one of the connector holes and use the connector wiring to ground the circuit........
From what you describe, you'll find that the test light lights when thrown in one position, but not the other.
It's a switch............The POWER is going through but not supplying GROUND
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Thanks Wrench

I'm using a digital multimeter and have put the probes in the plug that goes into the motor. When I throw the switch one way, I get +13 volts and when I throw it the other I get - 13. Both of those are when the engine is running..it's +12 and -12 when the engine isn't running but key on. I get +13 in each when I ground to the door pannel and probe each side while working the switch.
I did check the ground at the pillar between the front door and the power sliding door but didn't check continuity on that wire. But if it were broken, neither direction would work, would it?
I'll try your suggestion for grounding. Thanks.

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