'85 Town Car firing order

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'85 Town Car firing order

I googled and found the actual firing order, but it didn't show where it started on the distributor or what direction it rotates in. Thanks!
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What engine do you have in your car?
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Should be a 5.0 (302)............The firing order should be cast in the intake manifold towards the front
The distributer cap has a big 1 next to one of the terminals.......cyl #1
Now here's where it gets kinky.........Pop the cap off and have someone turn over the engine while you watch and you'll see which way the rotor spins..........I believe it's counter clockwise, but I'm no Ford expert..........
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Ford is weird, with the way they do things.

15426378 for a 5.0
13726548 for a 5.8 OR 5.0 HO

Cylinders are 1234 on the right side bank from front to back
5678 on the left bank from front to back

The #1 on the cap only holds true if the distributor has never been disturbed.

Remove the #1 spark plug and have an assistant "TAP" the starter until you feel a Compression "PUFF" from the cylinder.Look at the timing marker and rotate the crankshaft to "0". Where the Rotor points is #1.... Follow the firing order in the direction the rotor rotated.

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