Ignition keys with chips


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Ignition keys with chips

I have a 2005 Ford Escape. The ignition key has a chip. I've been told by many that having a duplicate made without a chip and using it in the ignition could be hazardous to the electronics in the ignition.....I believe that. Is this also true for using a "nonchip" key in the door lock? The door locks are electonic too.
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Pretty sure the door is completely mechanical. Its the ignition that can shut you down w/o a chip. The door locks aren't electronic..they're electrical. Keyless entry..right?

I could be wrong, but I don't think I am.

And don't you love the prices? Had a customer with a VW "switchblade" key. $150 bucks for a replacement IIRC.
Luckily it was just a convenience thing (keychain attachment) for her.

Neighbor had a MB, told me they had to be ordered from the factory in Germany....jeeeez.
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I believe it a resistor rather than a "chip " and the car wont start without it

Neighbor had a MB, told me they had to be ordered from the factory in Germany....jeeeez.
my son said something similar about his Beemer , replacement has to be ordered from the factory
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The resistor was an old GM system. The newer keys actually have a chip in the plastic part that communicate with the car's computer by radio frequency. I'm not sure on the Fords, but on most newer cars, if your key does not have chip the engine will only run for a short time and then shut off, and/or a key lock symbol will flash on the dashboard.
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If all these key chips work--why is it so easy for these little
******** to steal these cars?
On my '06 freestyle I have a remote starter--If I get in the car
& lock the doors b/4 starting engine--the car will not start until
I open - close --open w/ key bob. Dealer said to bring it in they will fix. I told them I was afraid to let them at it as they installed the remote starter.................................
I just let the car lock doors as I drive away...............
Ford always has a better idea ##@#@%%##@##

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