2003 windstar


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2003 windstar

I have a 2003 windstar that when it idles or going down hill the a-c works fine but when going up hill the a-c stops blowing out the vents and blows out the defrost or floor. I was told the check valve was bad. I looked for a check valve but did not find one and I looked for a broken vacuum line but they look good. is there any ideas of what or the problem is?
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I think you were on the right track; it does sound like a vacuum problem. At idle and on a down hill you will have lots of vacuum. Pulling up hill the available vacuum from the engine will drop, sometimes dramatically. Recheck all vacuum hoses AND the vacuum actuator(s) for the mix door(s). I suspect one of them is bad.
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If you've pulled the dash controls out, or at least narrowed it down to which vacuum line on back of controls is the source line,(vacuum coming from engine) try to follow it from panel to inside firewall, and if necessary, out the other side in the engine compartment, and look for that little check valve, somewhere in that line. I 've had a few Chrysler products that had one up under dash area between controls & inside of firewall. Can you hear any hissing noise when quiet inside, from anywhere under the heater area, or rear of control panel?

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