chevy A/C not cooling...

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chevy A/C not cooling...

I have a 96 Chevy truck. About a year ago I noticed the A/C gradually losing its cooling. Now only warm air comes out. Do car a/c systems lose freon and just need replacing or is there a bigger issue here. Also, do those over the counter Freon recharging products work?
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A/C systems should not lose freon. I've had vehicles for 8-10 yrs that never needed re-charge, or topped up as the sellers like to say. If it's just low, there is a reason, it's a leak. You can use a re-charge kit, but that won't tell you how bad your leak is, and they do have leak stop kits available for A/C systems, but my sources tell me they've only had good luck with small A/C leaks, not bigger ones. I would have it put on the gauges & see what or how bad the leak is at least, and then decide. You can do your own refill kit, but may be a waste if leak is bad. Good Luck.
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a '96 should have 134A instead of Freon. If not, when repaired it should be changed over. If you lost the refrigerant, you have a leak. Look for an oily spot on the hoses, condenser, dryer etc.. Rent/borrow a leak detector to find the leak and repair. I suggest replacing all the "O" rings since the system is uncharged(you will need to anyway if you replace with 134A). Also, the oil in the compressor will need to be changed to Pag oil if you go the 134 route. Remember to pull a vacuum on the unit and change the dryer before recharging.
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A 1996 model vehicle is most definately R134a refridgerant. If you have low freon charge then you absolutely have a leak. The first thing to do is get the pressure readings to see if in fact you do have a leak or a failing component. Post what you find and we will go from there.
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