Honda interior sticky center console problems.


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Honda interior sticky center console problems.

I recently cleaned the insides of my wifes 2001 Honda Accord. The center console area is becoming sticky. I thought at first it was maybe a drink spill but the whole console area in front of gear shift and into the storage pocket is as sticky as a spray on adhesive.
Its as if the plastic is breaking down into something sticky. No heavy duty cleaners have been used on anything in that car that I know of. Any ideas .. It looks as if I willl have to either buy then new part or cover it with vinyl of some sort.
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Have you been using a lot of Armorall or like products on it? Overheard a discussion the other day at one of the garages that overdoing the Armorall can lead to what you are describing.
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Having same problem with my steering wheels in last 2 vehicles, which I never used armour-all on, or brake pedal for obvious reasons.
Seems more in humid weather for me, and first thing in the morning especially, maybe due to dampness overnight. Tried water with small amount of mild dish soap, just water, alcohol wipes, and it still comes back. Cooler weather, it seems to subside? Maybe I'll try some baby powder or similar, wipe off the excess, and see what happens. ? ? ? Got to have something to do with imitation leather & damp air. Some days you would swear that some kid who just ate a Mr.Freeze, was playing with your steering wheel.
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Seems like a lot of people are trying to find a cure for what ails you/us, sticky imitation leather in hot weather, but searching internet for "cure for sticky imitation leather didn't show any answers either. Maybe time to experiment eh ?
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Found a forum that said to buy a pack of those Baby wipes (unscented) unless you like the smelly ones, and wipe it down with one or 2 of those, or use pledge on a cloth & rub in good.
Supposedly they work. Worth a try.
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sticky center console in a 2000 +/- Honda Accord

I know I am a couple years late on this post but I found out how to fix a sticky center console in a 2000 +/- Honda Accord. I don't know which years or models this is a problem with but I have a 1999 Honda Accord. My center console became sticky and nothing seemed to work (its bneen like this for years). I tried several things but finally I found the solution. Melaleuca's stain remover called Sol-U-Mel does the job!!! Use it at full strength with a toothbrush. Dip the toothbrush in and scrub a small area. Don't pour it on, that wastes too much. Wipe it off with a paper towel and off comes the sticky, black, tar-like substance. It takes a while but it does work! I am so excited that this fixed my car. I feel like I have a new car now!!!!!!!!! You are supposed to be a memeber to order products from Melaleuca. If anyone would llike to try this but is not a member, I would be happy to help you get some....or you could probably find it on Ebay.

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