93 plymouth voyager se check engine light


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93 plymouth voyager se check engine light

HI my check engine light came on and i took it to the shop and they found out through my computer that my #6 fuel injector was bad now my question is my van has started to shake over 40 mph after the check engine light came on could this be from the bad fuel injector.and if it is does anyone know how much it would cost I was quoted $335.00 to do the job I don't know if this is a good price or I'm going to be ripped off getting it done at that price.and with the shaking we rotated the tires balanced them all and checked the ball joints and tie rods.Thanks for any info
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Well, retail the injector goes for around $75-125 (depending on which engine) according to Autozone. Thats $210-260 labor. Are they including the cost of the diagnostic, or is that already paid? If I remember, the computer check (if its the big machine, not just the scanner) can run $60-90.

Not sure how difficult it is to replace on this, but it seems a bit high to me.

Let one of the Pro's give you a better answer on labor cost.
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I don't about specifically about a Voyager, but just off the top of my head that's probably not a bad price. A lot depends on the labor rates in your area, and if it's a dealer probably 20% or so above the independents. I agree, about $125 for the injector. The $210 for labor would equate to about 2 1/2-3 hours; probably not unreasonable.
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You didnt say what engine you have. so here goes.
On the 2.5 the labor is .5 hour.
On the 3.0 to replace 2-4-or 6 the labor is 1.7 hours.
On the 3.3 the labor for 1 injector is .8 with .1 for each additional.
If they are charging you 2 1/2 - 3 hours for labor that may be a little high. Especially if they are not including the diagnostic fee. I think I would ask for a detailed breakdown of the fees before I handed over that much money.
Hope this helps ya,

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